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Back-To-School Tips

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August is here, and that means the fall semester will be here before you know it! Whether you love school or tend to dread it, you can have a successful, positive approach to it here in Oneonta, NY when you prepare. Today, the Hillside Commons Blog has tips for things you can do to get your mind and body prepared for a successful semester.


Know the logistics.

The first step to feeling confident and capable at school is to first know when it starts and where you need to be on the daily! Then, you can get a better feel for when you need to be done shopping for school supplies and planning and getting used to a proper sleep schedule. Check your school website and event calendar so you don’t miss anything that can help round out your social life, too.


Shop for supplies.

This can be a fun part of school prep, so find items you’ll need, like specific styles of notebooks, binders, pencils, a backpack, and more, in a style that suits your purposes and a design that you love. This will help you feel confident and prepared for the school year, which goes a long way!


Plan out a schedule.

While syllabi change and school doesn’t always pan out as planned, mapping out your schedule can give you a guide for what you need to work on and when. Find an organization method that works for you, whether that’s as detailed as planning when you’ll do each homework assignment or putting important due dates on your phone’s calendar. Just find some way to organize your thoughts, goals, and projects so you can know exactly how to sort out your priorities for a successful semester.


Meet your professors.

Getting to know your professors or teacher’s assistants can be a huge help throughout the semester. Find a place to sit in class that feels comfortable for you and helps you focus. Get your professor’s or your TA’s contact information and office hours so you can get in touch with them when necessary. And chat with them. They’re there to help you succeed, build healthy relationships, network, and thrive.


And of course, don’t forget to have fun, build friendships, and try new things to round out your college experience and make it meaningful for you.


What helps you get ready for school? Share your tips with the rest of the apartment community in the comments. Thanks for reading! Good luck!