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Best Fitness Apps

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Have you ever wanted to get help improving your exercise habits but couldn’t afford it? Thanks to modern technology, professional instruction is just an app away! This week on Hillside Commons Blog, we’re here to share some of our favorite fitness apps that will bring you high-quality advice at a small monthly cost. Consider using one of these apps in your Oneonta, NY apartment to complete an at-home workout today:


Are you looking for the perks of an instructor-led fitness class without the high cost? If so, Aaptiv is a great option for you. Using the Aaptiv app and a pair of headphones, get access to over 2,500 trainer-led workout sessions. With that number, you’ll never get bored! Pick your favorite types of workouts and get started in creating the perfect routine for you.

Fitbit Coach

If you already have a Fitbit, then this app is a nice companion to what you already have! In addition to audio files, Fitbit Coach has guided video as well so you can get the help you’re looking for at home, at the gym, or wherever else you may be. This app can also use the data from your Fitbit like your vitals to help create the best plan for you.


For those of you who can’t seem to keep track of how you’re progressing on all of your different exercises, consider using Jefit. It will help you record all of your workout routines, as well as choose new routines from a large selection of different programs. You can make your weekly routine as customizable as you want, or you can choose from a selection of pre-built routines right from the app.

Asana Rebel

Would you like to refine your yoga practice without having to go to the studio? Asana Rebel makes it possible to do so while still receiving excellent instruction all along the way. Depending on why you want to do yoga — be it flexibility, fat burn, strength training — create a calendar that works for you.


Do you prefer a different fitness app? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!