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Welcome to a new year at Hillside Commons in Oneonta, NY! Today we want to help you help yourself get a fresh start in 2019. Try these tips for making effective resolutions this year.

Change your mindset.

Resolutions are famous for not being kept, but they don’t have to be! If you approach resolutions as something you only think about at the start of a new year, change your approach. Look at them instead as lifestyle changes or adjustments that will help you live the life you want in a way that can add fulfillment and joy to you.


Choosing that right resolution to start with can be overwhelming. If you’re at a loss and you feel like you could improve in many ways, embrace that!  Brainstorming isn’t the end-all-be-all. Give yourself a few minutes to free-write some of the areas in your life you hope to improve on as a first step. But that’s the key: don’t stop there!

Organize and prioritize.

Which goals are most important and relevant to you right now? Which ones do you have a passion or motivation for working toward currently? Which ones are easiest to get out of the way? Write down your answers to these questions or rate each goal with your answers to these (and any other important questions you have) in mind to better decide which goal to start with.


As we mentioned, brainstorming isn’t the end! Having just a list of the things you hope to improve can be overwhelming and panic-inducing, which are not powerful or helpful motivators. In fact, these feelings just burn you out and discourage you.

With your answers to your questions and the results of your “ratings,” focus on one goal you want to work on. Start small to get in the habit of working on something and accomplishing it. It’s always easier to add new habits into your life that are related to habits you’re good at that can, together, help you accomplish a greater goal.

A classic example of this is with weight loss or healthy living: plenty of factors go into it, so starting with one habit that seems doable to you (whether that’s just getting to the gym or focusing more on eating vegetables) can put you in the mindset and get you physically ready for trying other related ways to establish a healthy pattern of living.

What are your best ideas and tips for making and keeping resolutions? How do you make them stick? Let our apartment community know in the comments! Thanks for reading. Good luck!