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Indoor Tanning Tips

Hillside Commons Blog, Oneonta, NY  Get a healthy summer's glow any time of the year from the comfort of our apartment community by using our free tanning services and trying these tips.

Hillside Commons makes tanning easy, whether you want to venture out into the heat of Oneonta, NY or not! Our apartment community offers free indoor tanning for our residents to enjoy all year long, rain or sunshine. Follow these tips for getting a smooth, healthy tan.


Know your skin type.

Different skin types react differently to the sun and tanning beds. No one setting or length of time in the tanning bed is perfect for everyone, so come to the tanning beds with an idea of how easily you burn or tan in mind so you can make the proper adjustments. WikiHow has helpful information for determining skin type and other tips in their guide to indoor tanning.


Prep your skin.

Take a shower and scrub off all those dead skin cells before you go tanning. This is a simple yet priceless act that will help your tan last much longer than if you were to go without exfoliating. Remember to lather up with quality moisturizer and tanning lotion afterward. Check out these tanning bed lotions if you don’t already have one.


Be safe!

Wear protective goggles at all times when in the tanning bed. Make sure beds are clean and sanitized before using.


Know when to back off.

You should always start slow and build up to a time that’s reasonable for your skin. Working your way up to 25 minutes in the bed can be a good rule, but as we said above, no one time is perfect for everyone! Pay attention to how you feel during and after your session. If you feel warm or pink after your first tanning session, wait a week before tanning again.


What other tanning tips would you add to our list? Share your thoughts with the rest of us by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! We hope you love the tan you get at this community amenity.