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Mental Health Awareness Month

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Did you know that Mental Health America (MHA) has celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month each May since 1949? Each year, they have led initiatives to help our country have better resources for various aspects of mental health. This year, MHA has chosen to dive even deeper into last May’s theme of #4Mind4Body by incorporating topics like work-life balance, recreation, humor, spirituality, and animal companionship. This week on Hillside Commons Blog, we’d like to take a minute to share ways in which a few of these topics might help you to improve your mental health this month! Consider implementing some of the following suggestions into your life in your Oneonta, NY apartment:

Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Do you ever feel you are being spread too thin by your job? If so, there’s a significant chance your work-life balance is a bit out of whack. When work starts to overtake the time you typically spend to help you feel refreshed and maintain healthy habits, it often starts to negatively influence your mental health and decrease your productivity at work, too. This month, choose something outside of work that will improve your well-being — like getting adequate sleep or eating balanced meals — and prioritize doing it, just like you would prioritize important tasks at work. It may seem strange to treat something inherently good for you like an obligation, but it just might help you remember how beneficial it is for your life as a whole.

Rediscover Recreation

Just as maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a contributing factor to overall better mental health, prioritizing recreation is equally as valuable. Without designated time for passions, hobbies, and physical activity, it’s easy to feel more bored or even more depressed than before. However, a little bit of recreational activity each day can go a long way in helping you sustain a well-rounded life. Do you have a favorite activity to do outdoors or a hobby you haven’t invested any in for a while? Try doing it a bit more often this month! It will be fun, and it will positively influence other aspects of your life.  

Enjoy Humor

Lastly, being able to look at your life with a sense of humor and laughter can help make rough times seem a little bit easier. While it is not possible to laugh away clinical depression or anxiety, and while humor can sometimes be used as a coping mechanism, an appropriate ability to find bits of humor throughout your day and in your life can be a positive thing. Whether you watch a comedy to get you laughing, or you have a conversation with a friend that is really comical and dynamic, consider finding a way to reincorporate humor into your life this month.

While these suggestions may help some people, please remember to seek professional help if your mental health is unmanageable. There are plenty of mental health professionals who can help you change your situation for the better! Thanks for reading, and have a great Mental Health Awareness Month