November Residents Newsletter

November 2021

October Recap:

It has been a spooky, scary great month here at Hillside. Our residents enjoyed fun events such as our Halloween Trivia Night, Scary Sundaes with APO, and happening today, Popcorn Fridays with extra treats!

Hocus Pocus…time to focus! Yesterday we hosted a last call “Don’t Ghost us” event with build your own Dirt Cups and enjoy a homemade Witch’s Brew Cocktail or Cider.

Some of our giveaways for this month included a Latte Lounge Gift Card as part of our Feel Good Friday giveaways and gift card prizes at Trivia Night! We also have some DIY Spooky Cookie Kits up for grabs to a few lucky residents!

Coming Soon:

This Sunday we will be doing Halloween Deluxe Waffles as part of Waffle Weekends from noon-2pm!

As we look forward to November, be sure your resident is following us on Social Media to be in the know with upcoming events, giveaways, and treats! Happening toward the end of this semester is our biggest event of the year, Casino Night! This is one event that students year over year not only love attending, but also take home some incredible prizes.


A reminder for you and your resident to renew for 2022-2023! If your resident was unable to attend our “Don’t Ghost Us” Renewal Event yesterday, this weekend is your resident last chance to renew before rates go up on November 1st! Let the ghoul times continue into 2022-2023!

Winter Driving Conditions:

For those residents who have vehicles on site: we recommend that they start preparing now for the winter weather. Things like winter tires, a shovel to dig their car out after a big storm, a snow brush, and ice scraper, as well as good boots and warm gloves are all highly recommended with having a vehicle in upstate NY! Please note that while our plow company clears our main roadways and sidewalks, plows are unable to get in between vehicles in the lot.

Also, a friendly reminder that November rent installment is due November 1st!

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

-Hillside Commons Team