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Tips for a Successful Semester

Students sitting and talking in a library

Welcome back to the Hillside Commons Blog and the start of a new semester! School has just started here in Oneonta, NY, so we want to help you make the most of the new school year by offering some tips for having a successful semester, whether you’re new to college or you’re gearing up to graduate.


Set a schedule.

It’s easy to discard syllabi almost as soon as you get them, but they can give you a guide for what to expect from a class. Highlight or write the essentials at the top of the paper or in your planner. Then transfer important dates and deadlines to your planner or your phone’s calendar so you’re not blindsided when they come. Decide on a schedule for a regular school day so you can have something to deliver on.


Make a habit of regular study.

Studying should be a part of your regular schedule, so pencil in time to do so when it feels natural and most conducive for productivity for you. Having a regular study time, whether you have assignments due or not, will ensure you’re retaining the information you learn in class. It will also take the pressure and unreliability of cramming off your plate! 


Study Buddy or Study Group.

Find someone or a few people that you feel comfortable studying with. It’s probably best if you have similar classes so that you can help each other when you have questions or don’t understand the assignments. It’s probably a good idea not to study with your close friends because you may distract one another and as a result, not much studying will get done. 


Use Flashcards.

Just reading and highlighting information in a textbook isn’t the best way to learn and absorb information, so try using flashcards instead. Flashcards allow you to pick out the most important and crucial information to know and quiz yourself until you know the information backwards and forwards. Again, repetition is key!


Share your best tips for a successful semester with the rest of our apartment community by leaving a comment on this post.