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Wall Art for Your Apartment

home decorated minimalistically with a circle mirror, frames, and plants

Decorating your apartment here at Hillside Commons is a great way to add some personality to your Oneonta, NY home. Do so with creative wall art this month! Today our blog has ideas for wall art crafts or ideas you can try or get inspired from for a piece that’s sure to catch the eye and elevate any room to a whole new level.


DIY Heart Branch Art from eHow

Bring lovely rustic charm to your apartment by gathering up all the branches you can find, cutting them up to form the shape of a heart, and painting them your favorite colors for a sweet addition to your wall. Tie it all together with string, twine, or nylon thread.


DIY Boom Wall Sculpture from Make Haus

We love the idea of making your own sculpture display on a wall or shelf. You don’t even need obscure materials or special skill for this project, either! All you’ll need is a styrofoam ball, bamboo skewers, spray paint, and an adhesive velcro tab for this project. Make it the size and color you want to fit it with the design of the room you hope to put it in. Keep one side flat so you can fix it to the wall easily.


Circular Framed Planters from This is Colossal

Add living art to your walls this month by trying this unique idea. Whether you’ve been meaning to start an indoor garden or you simply want a statement piece to tell a story and catch the eye once someone walks into a room, this is a perfect option. It looks chic and takes minimal effort to set up and take care of. Choose your favorite mini succulents in the frame shape and size you want to make it perfect for your tastes.


What other crafts, products, or ideas do you have for spicing up your walls in an apartment-friendly way? Let us know in the comments so we can all get inspired. Thanks for reading! Good luck, and have fun!